Sunday, February 22, 2009

We heared about the case of a kid who became a father at the age of 13 years old with a 15-year old girl in London.
The news became an alibi for some of our lawmakers to pursue the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill in the Congress. Sabi nila: "Kailangan na daw maipasa ang RH Bill para hindi matulad ang ating mga kabataan na magka-anak din sa murang edad tulad ng nangyari sa London!"
Wow naman nga pareng Congress! Do you think London Parliament have not yet pass any law on reproductive health care? Do you think there was no sex education in the elementary schools in UK? I don't think so. Or probably, nasobrahan ng sex education ang mga bata kaya ayon laging ng practicum ng bahay-bahayan.
RH Bill is not the answer to aviod early pregnancy for the young. Sex education at the very early age is not a safeguard of not being pregnant. I may say, sex education among the children (as the RH Bill is encouraging) would make the young curious about sex and would certainly lead to promiscuity!
What will make our young people handle sex with care is their VALUES! On how they regard sex as sacred! On seeing sex as a participation in the creative power of God.
These values, esp. christian values, are best transmitted by the parents themselves and not by the State! (RH Bill is saying, the State a shall be the one to impart sex education to your children. Just simply making all the contraceptives available to them, or if the unexpected happened, pagnatesbun, abortion is also made available!
Now tell me, will this Reproductive Health Act an answer to our young people not to get buntis. Mas maganda pa, let us preserve our christian catholic values. Mas effective pa yata para wag tayo matulad sa batang-batang Englishboy Dad.
Ano say nu, mga katiwala at kapanalig?

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