Friday, December 24, 2010

Thoughts for Christmas

1. Jesus came to earth out of love. He was given by the Father: For God so loved the world he gave his only son!
We are also called to love. If Christ is to be born today it must be through us.
Christ fills us with love. Allow us to be agents who fill the world with love.

2. Jesus was born poor and simple. We are called to celebrate his birthday in a simple way, not extravaganza. Live a simple life.
Filipinos is known of celebrating Christmas longer and expense, due to commercialism.
The people that surrounds Jesus are the poor and the simple, first Mary and Jesus, then the shepherds, later on the three kings.

3. Jesus done it in obedience to the Father. He emptied himself taking the form of the eservant. We should be obedient also by doing the will of God. Like Mary, who obediently accepted to be the Mother od the Saviour.
Obedience now seems to be a bad word. Today it is do your own thing; of if it feels good, then do it. People focused on their rights, on what others owe them. But if we truly we have Jesus as our Lord, then we ought to be obdient to our Master. Otherwise, talking of lordship is just a lot of talk. Remember, not everyone who merely says "Lord, Lord" will enter enter, We need to obey.

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