Thursday, May 21, 2009

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Have you ever wondered whether Jesus was really with his Church? Or have your ever doubted whether Jesus is indeed present in the Church? For example, when you see some Church leaders failed to live up to the teachings of Jesus, or when you see some members of the Church ignore needy brothers and sisters. Do you ever asked yourselves whether Jesus inspires the faithful to lead lives of love and generosity?

Let me share with you a true story that might help clarify the question about Jesus being with his Church. It is about a seven year-old boy who was taught by his father how to take a bus in going to his school from their house and in going back. One day, the father told his son that he will just accompany him going to the school but in going back to their house, the son would do it alone. So, the father explained very well to his son the route by showing all the landmarks and how may stops there are before arriving the final bus stop. So, when they arrived at the school, the father left him with the final instruction to follow all what he instructed.

The whole morning was for the boy full of worries, he has been thinking of how to go home all by himself. When the time came to go for home, the little boy took the bus, with some question in his mind whether if it was the right bus or not. But he continued, looking for all the landmarks and counting all thebus stops. But as the trip continues, the heart of the boy beats faster, especially when sometimes the bus took turns and he was not able to see the landmarks and was confused in his counting of the bus stops. Until he recognized familiar streets and buildings, and finally he reached the right stop. The boy stepped off the bus and he was so proud and happy. He had actually made it home all by himself.

What the boy didn't know, however, was that his father was also riding at the back seat of the same bus watching over him all the way. He had been with him every foot of the trip just in case he needed help.

The story somehow resemblances the story about Jesus and his Church. Before departing on the day of Ascension, Jesus gave his Church all the directions we needed to journey through life to our heavenly home and final destination. Like the little boy, however, we sometimes notice the Church taking unexpected twists and turns. When this happens, we should recall the promise of Jesus to be with us always. Even though we can't see him, we know he is there, ready to help us, just in case the need arises.

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